Top Ten Luxurious Celebrity Homes

Celebrities are known for buying lavish and well-secured homes for millions of dollars. The houses are often located in a remote area with few to zero near neighbors.

Here are just a few of them and their costs.

10. Taylor Swift Rhode Island Oceanfront Estate Home

Taylor Swift House

This seaside east coast home cost $17-million and is 11,000 square foot. It is private and has certain tranquility as well as a great view of the ocean.

9. Michael Jordan’s Illinois Home

Michael Jordans Highland Park Mansion

This lavish home has a golf course and comes at a whopping $29-million. The former basketball player has the gate designed with the number 23, his only former basketball jersey number.

8. Halle Berry Malibu, CA Home

Halle Berry Malibu CA Home

This beachside mansion is worth more than its initial purchase price of $8-million. Halle Berry has owned it for 13 years now. It has the most refreshing morning view of waves and clear sunset.

7. Rihanna’s Hollywood Hills Home

Rihanna Hollywood Mansion

Hard work often pays well and that is why Rihanna can comfortably own this $7-million home in Hollywood. It comes with a night club as well as other lavish amenities like swimming pool.

6. Jerry Seinfeld’s Hamptons, NY Home

Jerry Seinfeld Hamptons NY Home

The baseball fan bought this $32-million home in the Hamptons from Billy Joel. The standup comedian love for baseball and its artifacts led him to this house and he has never looked back.

5. John Travolta’s Jet Runway Home in Ocala, FL

John Travolta House Airport

When some celebrities’ dream of having big parking lots at their homes, John Travolta has his own jet runway and two jets packing space. The house also has 16 car garages. Although the house is not that much and goes a bit over $4-million, the jet runway adds more value to it and makes it even more luxurious and for the chosen few. John Travolta is also a licensed pilot and owns a fleet of planes.

4. Hugh Hefner Los Angeles, CA Home

Hugh Hefner Mansion

The playboy mansion is a huge swimming pool and a game room as well as a wine cellar. It also comes with a tennis court, its own zoo, aviary, and waterfalls. It basically has everything one can dream of in a perfect home. It is worth $54-million.

3. Billy Joel Miami Beach, FL Home

Billy Joel Miami Beach Mansion

This house is located in La Gorce Island and has its own pier, boat slip and swimming pool. It also has a massive outdoor kitchen and patio. It is worth $30-million.

2. Ozzy Osbourne Hidden Hills, CA Home

Ozzy Osbourne Hidden Hills Home

The godfather of metal music owns one of the most stylish and simple homes in California. The home is worth $13-million and comes with six bedrooms and ten bathrooms. It is 10, 953 square foot. Now owned by singer Jessica Simpson.

1. Will Smith’s Calabasas, CA Home

Will Smiths House

This home worth $20-million is so big that it has its own zip code as well as a tennis court, basketball court, and a golf course. It gives the actor, musician freeom to enjoy different kids of sports indoors and outdoors.

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